Monday, January 12, 2009

In my head

Yet another wedding website

True love is ( well, more like should be)...
  • selfless
  • considerate
  • giving
  • listens
  • peaceful
  • doubtless
  • assuring
  • faithful

sometimes i think my idea of love is unreal... i think i am a hopeless romantic... i've got it all in my head... but i wonder, i wonder if all of this can be for real someday.

I guess this explains my love for love.... i like to hear about relationships, i smile when i see a happy couple(atleast when i think they are, i am passionate about wedding websites, my heart is joyous when there is a wedding talk..... uhmmmm

choosing the wrong life partner is like .... uhmmm eternal condemnation i think... its better for one to remain single than living with the wrong person.

*** silent prayer..... Oluwa, ma je kin gbe egun e'le gun oo ( sorry if u're not yoruba, i don't feel like interpreting, besides its my personal prayer to God so MYOB)****

Where did all of this come from today? I have just been thinking about all close and distant friends getting married and i know that my turn is sooner than later...... Ah! the thot of moi getting married is refreshing n scary at the same time.... me don't know what to except, but i guess until then shey?

Peace out! A-town!!! ( ahahah, am sure no one understands this)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am actually

Life has been good.

I have been so bored lately.. so i went to the library and picked up 4 books to read.. i am on the first one titled "the lady, her lover and her lord" by Bishop TD Jakes...
i have learnt a lot i must say... i recommend this to all girls, ladies and women.

Temite wants a list of my recent wedding website ( temite, i am only revealing this becos of you (Nike is a common friend, i wish her all the best) ( Taiwo was my senior back in secondary school, interesting to know that her husband studied medicine but works as a photographer- his passion. WOW) ( i so much love this website that i had it on my facebook ( now, this is what you call a proper ondo wedding) ( got this from ( (

ok temite/pples, i thik dats all i have for now.

Peace out! A-town!! Yea yea!!! ( Vera plss complete 'cos na only fit

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happi new year

Happi new year to anyone/ whoever gets to read this.

I believe that this year has a lot of goodies to offer me.... i just know.

life has been good, ma friend had a baby... he is the cutest thing ( i keep calling him ... ok being ever!

I drank my frnds breast milk, plss don't ask me how, ask Vera ( i will deal withthat girl soon.
hopefully i will do this more often....

happi new year all. any resolutions?