Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wedding website Junkie

ok! its official, i need help.
I am a wedding website Junkie. i was feeling down, i mean really down this afternoon and BAm! God just put a thot in ma head to rescue to.
I googled "Naija wedding websites"and the results made my day. For a second i thot love vanished in the air, cos previous times i had made that search this year, na so so sameold website wen i don see before.
i found ....ahahahahah the solution to that mathematical problem is
"off-the-chain-cute, kool, calm, intellect, love" (pls beg me to stop.)
Like that was not enough, i also got a whole lot more from their site o...... b4 i continue, the tunde guy looks so famliar, i think he is a blogger.....Vera is he?( yes, dat means look up the website and call me to let me know.........uhn uhn, dont give me dat crap about you are too busy! thanx in advance *wink*)
ok.... the other 'connections' that i got from their website.....feel free to check 'em out.
iweddingds Nigeria @
enough wedding albums at

you see wat i mean? that website is too much.... just so u know, all listed above will keep me busy for only about 2 days.
i did not want to join facebook but i eventually gave in when i saw my secondary school group. but dang facebook is boringgggggggggggggggggg.... i am seriously thinking about getting out. ah! but if i do, that means my only source of gossip will be gone... i go let una know wetin i conclude

so.... if u have any juicy websites preferably wedding websites plsss let me know.... My internet surfing time had been boring of my classes end tomorrow and i have a week to literarily die of boredom or just work.......HELP A BORED SISTA OUT.

lol, i am not too normal if i may say so myself.....
less i forget," they" tagged me..... so that will be my next post o. be on d look out.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


so it was one of my girls graduating, her name na Ibukun.....CONGRATULATIONS GIRL, am next so watch out!!!
Of course i got there late 'cos i woke up late and heck i am alwaysssss late..... I'll gist u guyz about that some other day.
after the whole ceremony wahala and pictures and all that, we all headed to her room hoping to get something to eat but no, the girl no get food. she be spagetti n meatball freak....... wateva happened to rice, rice and rice all over again???? jollof rice, fried rice, rice n fish stew, rice n beans, rice n dodo and fried turkey stew? ( if u don't get it, i am tryna tell you all i eat is rice as in literarilly, one way or the other i find myself eating rice).

back to my storri, some of Ibukun's frnds from school were in her apartment too.... and our very popular madam verachi said something about finding a girls nude picture on a certain boys phone, let us call him DASH.
one of the girls said oh, dats called "sexting" funny thing was that i was not really paying attention to the conversation but some signal in my medulla picked up that word...ahahah
i was like ehn? say that again, she was yea sexting..... i was like spell it ..... she did S-E-X-T-I-N-G.

Funmi still did not get it.....
so she broke it down SEX and TEXTING = SEXTING

U get it now? yea, dats how i felt too.

so if you have in a way or another ever sent or recieved any kind of sexual text message..... you have been sexting ooooo.
i bet "sexting" could be a crime in Naija.......just like 'indecent act in public' .........buahahahahahaha.....funny.

ok.... if u think this is dumb then sorry, its something new that i recently learnt, if u dey vex plss kindly go and chew stick.

and....if u think this is funny, then iam laughing too....buaahahahahahahah.

i will be back.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

i am back to blogville!!!

hey fellow bloggers, i am back with full force and must i say that i am here to stay.....
my birthday was on the 15th and i must admit that i am still in the birthday spirit.
The bestest birthday gift of all was a thoughtfull written piece from my love..... check it out at Gosh! i totally love that chic.

my next blog post is going to be about "sex-ting"if u know wat that is then gbosa for u. if not then be on the look out.