Thursday, May 22, 2008

i am back to blogville!!!

hey fellow bloggers, i am back with full force and must i say that i am here to stay.....
my birthday was on the 15th and i must admit that i am still in the birthday spirit.
The bestest birthday gift of all was a thoughtfull written piece from my love..... check it out at Gosh! i totally love that chic.

my next blog post is going to be about "sex-ting"if u know wat that is then gbosa for u. if not then be on the look out.


Anonymous said...

hey welcome back! been readin ur comments on vera's blog. ur very funny.

Standtall said...

HAPPY BELATED B'DAY. Actually Vera's lead me here.

Pls stay on blogsville and let us no abt your quirks too. Vera shd have tagged you!!!

AlooFar said...

Let the sex-ting begin now!!!


Vera Ezimora said...

Awwww... Fufu! So you're declaring your love 4 me here YET you have refused to buy me my Range Rover ehn? What type of love is this?!

Anyway, you have been tagged. Make sure you do it.

LOL @ Aloofar. All he heard was 'sex'. LOL

By the way, order for ur readers 2 berra understand wat sexting is, why don't you put a picture of yourself doing the sexting, so they can understand?? :) Just a thot.

Vera Ezimora said...

Can we get an update, please???? Funmie, you suck! If you don't wanna blog, you berra shut down this your blog and stop consuming valuable web space. Stop it oo!

Funmie said...

vera, sharrap...

anonymous, thanx ooo, wow someone thinks am funny,i totally luv blogville.
standtall... thanx
aloofar...yes sir