Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today wasn't the best of days. It all started last night... i wash i could write some of these things on blog....but it is just IMPOSSIBLE.

I feel moody/sad/ dont-feel-too-good/ tired/ have an headache......dat should say it all.I had a lot of gbadun gist that i thot of earlier, but i can;t even remember one...... well, since no one visits my blog, since i refuse to leave comments for pple on their blogs.... i'll write them when i get to it sha.

U know, its amazing the diff types of blogs that i visit daily, i just sit online and read n read...but still no one remembers me.......

God is such a merciful God, he looks upon us with so much mercy it is amazing...... He is definitely not man. I just want to testify to the glory of God that he is truly an AWESOME God.

Prayer to my creator,
Dear lord, Ipray that u give me the grace to live a life that will manifest and scream ur glory. pls help me to live a better life that will make u proud of me..... AMEN.


babzent said...

Hey wasap? Didnt know u had a blog all d while.How're u doing? well there's no way some1 wld know u stopped by their blog and read if u dont leave a comment.
Welcome to the club,some of us r just meant to read em jare. Can't complain cos i actually have nothing special 4 peeps to read,but i'm enjoying commenting more.

Vera Ezimora said...

Funmi, you're a terrible, terrible blogger. Look how u abandoned ur blog. *HISS*

ChiefO said...