Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today wasn't the best of days. It all started last night... i wash i could write some of these things on blog....but it is just IMPOSSIBLE.

I feel moody/sad/ dont-feel-too-good/ tired/ have an headache......dat should say it all.I had a lot of gbadun gist that i thot of earlier, but i can;t even remember one...... well, since no one visits my blog, since i refuse to leave comments for pple on their blogs.... i'll write them when i get to it sha.

U know, its amazing the diff types of blogs that i visit daily, i just sit online and read n read...but still no one remembers me.......

God is such a merciful God, he looks upon us with so much mercy it is amazing...... He is definitely not man. I just want to testify to the glory of God that he is truly an AWESOME God.

Prayer to my creator,
Dear lord, Ipray that u give me the grace to live a life that will manifest and scream ur glory. pls help me to live a better life that will make u proud of me..... AMEN.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I am no longer a child

Today was a so-so day. I got back from work in the a.m, had breakfast. Stuffed d net, ate some more food.......i will soon blow up/out i swear.

I slept for a lil while but dis lil sista of mine would not keep yelling sunmi( ma name is funmi but her lil 2 yr old self has chosen to call me sunmi) from up d stairs.

sunmi eat was all she kept saying, but once i poured her a bowl of cereal, she wanted to watch spongebob squarepants..... Jeez spongebob is not on Tv 24/7 ireti.

Then dis stupidendious on-demand pple only have spongebob running for 14 pple how is dat ma fault? i need to hit wallmart with full force and get dis get a DVD o.

Today, i realized that i am not that young anymore. I was extremely impressed by one of my new frnds. she's 22 and she owns a home that she rents out......... i was amazed and very dissapointed at myself.
But Gods time is the best they say......... I intend to live a day at a time....

Dear blog, i've got a jornal review due tomorrow, this woman no even talk how many page she wants or anything, she no even talk wetin she want make person write, she just wants a jornal review? how easy can that be? ( being very sarcastic).


Sunday, September 23, 2007

dear blog

los of things have been happeneing to me lately. I have faced dissapointments, i have realized that i really and truly love my friends.
i know that i am in love with my man. school is going as planned. wat else can i girl ask for?
i started this blog 'cos i scribble a lot of my thots on any piece of paper that i find, but that isn't really great since some certain people just wont mind their own bussiness.

I have a lot of school work now but i will be back o my dear blog, i know say u don miss me but not to worry i will be back in a jiffy.