Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today wasn't the best of days. It all started last night... i wash i could write some of these things on blog....but it is just IMPOSSIBLE.

I feel moody/sad/ dont-feel-too-good/ tired/ have an headache......dat should say it all.I had a lot of gbadun gist that i thot of earlier, but i can;t even remember one...... well, since no one visits my blog, since i refuse to leave comments for pple on their blogs.... i'll write them when i get to it sha.

U know, its amazing the diff types of blogs that i visit daily, i just sit online and read n read...but still no one remembers me.......

God is such a merciful God, he looks upon us with so much mercy it is amazing...... He is definitely not man. I just want to testify to the glory of God that he is truly an AWESOME God.

Prayer to my creator,
Dear lord, Ipray that u give me the grace to live a life that will manifest and scream ur glory. pls help me to live a better life that will make u proud of me..... AMEN.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I am no longer a child

Today was a so-so day. I got back from work in the a.m, had breakfast. Stuffed d net, ate some more food.......i will soon blow up/out i swear.

I slept for a lil while but dis lil sista of mine would not keep yelling sunmi( ma name is funmi but her lil 2 yr old self has chosen to call me sunmi) from up d stairs.

sunmi eat was all she kept saying, but once i poured her a bowl of cereal, she wanted to watch spongebob squarepants..... Jeez spongebob is not on Tv 24/7 ireti.

Then dis stupidendious on-demand pple only have spongebob running for 14 pple how is dat ma fault? i need to hit wallmart with full force and get dis get a DVD o.

Today, i realized that i am not that young anymore. I was extremely impressed by one of my new frnds. she's 22 and she owns a home that she rents out......... i was amazed and very dissapointed at myself.
But Gods time is the best they say......... I intend to live a day at a time....

Dear blog, i've got a jornal review due tomorrow, this woman no even talk how many page she wants or anything, she no even talk wetin she want make person write, she just wants a jornal review? how easy can that be? ( being very sarcastic).


Sunday, September 23, 2007

dear blog

los of things have been happeneing to me lately. I have faced dissapointments, i have realized that i really and truly love my friends.
i know that i am in love with my man. school is going as planned. wat else can i girl ask for?
i started this blog 'cos i scribble a lot of my thots on any piece of paper that i find, but that isn't really great since some certain people just wont mind their own bussiness.

I have a lot of school work now but i will be back o my dear blog, i know say u don miss me but not to worry i will be back in a jiffy.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

RT (Random Talks)

I have not posted anything in a while'cos i have been lazy! but trust me, i have been on blogville everyday.
Hope u guyz are enjoying the blogville idols thing. am thinking it should av been called Blogville-naija idols.
u nko?

at first i thot it was all a joke until i checked it out. wow, how creative was all i thot.

The church harvest went juss fine. It was a whole buncha of pple too. Dang. u guyz should have seen me dropping it like its hot.

My own level of procastination don pass am, i swear. I was supposed to invite my frnds for harvest but i kept putting it away and i eventually invited only madam vera una see ma life soo?

The kokomaster ( D'bang) is coming to B'more this independence day weekend! And me as his mamalette and sisilette has to go represent. U knw D'bang thinks he's smart, I was reading one of his interviews online and how dare him say none of his songs implies sex! That boy is mad! but i still like him sha. Did u guyz kknow that D'banj is a pastors' kid too.....imagine that........{wateva happened to styl-plus}.

What do u fell about pple that go to parties/ club juss to lean against the wall and look abbi juss stand there like mumu starring. Jeez, if u dont wanna dance/ have fun stay the hell at home. U see i party on the average of 3 to 4 times in a year{how sad}! so when i get out, i really wanna get down. I no dey even look face sef. ahahahahahahaha.

lemme see, wat else?
i'll juss talk more about the blogville idols then... ma favorite judge is Bimbylads....homegirl sounds like a she has been doing the judging thing for a while.
favorite contestant....i dont av one yet buut maybe that chick dat sang :baby jowo"
check dem out!
My bday was May 15th, but i just had time to celebrate. I went bowling with couple of my friends yesterday. It was 12 of us and i had mad fun. I will post pictures soon.
Can u guyz imagine this Amf people o. this is how it happened! I looked up their website and they had an Adult bday party naw. i called for inquiries and the lady told me that it was gonna cost 15.64dollars or somn per person and that the price includes a 2hr bowling, shoes and a combo meal. I swear she told me that.

I come reach dere yesterday sha and the dude there was yarning opata that there is nuthin like an adult bowling birthday party at Amf. I was like wat! of course i was freaking out 'cos this dude's ignorance was so sincere. Jeez, this mad oyinbo ppple.

well sha, i decided to go for regular pricing 'cos it was cheaper (it was adollar nite, as in a dollar per game ). i had fun anyway, so it all worked out fine.

see u soon!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Nuthin much recently, its 2'28am and i am up and on d weird.
anyways, juss got back from vigil. God knows i barely stayed awake. Got off work at 11pm and headed straight to church, u see am juss tryna be a betta xtain dats all.
School is out, but i intend to take a summer class in d latter session though. I need cash money............ any rich and juss wanna be nice ppple out there plss get intouch.
I stayed home all day on wednesday and that has been the best thing that happened to me in a while. I read a book i got from Vera titled some sunday. wat a nice read, i intend to go to the library soon to pick up some more books. it kept me busy and also my day going. And really i feel i need to improve on my vocabulary so hey!!! who says i cannot kill two birds with one stone.
This wekend is the church Harvest a.k.a Ikore. am looking forward to it. Infact we are importing choirs all d way from Jand to yankee. wE ARE TOTALLY D BOMB. lol.
its gonna be an outdoor revival on saturday and n all day service on sunday including an afta party sef. See am gonna be real busy1 gotta put on ma dancing/party shoes. Haven't got one of ma frnds dat will be able to make it. Pops is gonna be pissed o.
Ma Boo went to Naija in march and his mum got me all this native outfits. Akara and they are pretty, i dont even know which one to wear. ahahaha Vera are u jealous???? i can see ur face swelling...ehehehehe. dont worry sugar u can always come n borrow pose. your secrets are safe with me.
ok1 i'll be back as soon as i can. be safe.
a lot of people have not been reading my blog. i need to get out there somemore right? as in other bloggers blog. one of these days sha.
Peace out.

Thursday, May 31, 2007


this is ma baby sis Ireti doing her cheese thingie Ma mums cake, it sure was yummy. Her bday was 5/12 and mothers day was 5/13. she gat double gifts of course.
Me on a sunday experimenting with the whole ankara n a top thingie. dat was actually a wrapper. i liked it.
ahahahahaha, me at ma first imisiolu gig. It was fun actually. do u like ma outfit?
Lil sis doing dishes after hours of me yelling. Of course she was on d phone.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Iretiayooluwa

i have not been here in so long.
my one and only blog, how naw?
so update about ma self.
ma birthday was may 15th i turned 21......... am grown.
Finals are finally over, am happy. I look forward to summere classes sha.
My friend uju graduated on friday and i feel so bad 'cos i was not able to attend. her man threw a surprise get togethere for her. Well, i owe her one sha, am planning to take her out... gotta call the intergalactic forre ( ma girls).
Yes, vera made her deadline to that certain chapter of every woman, it was a chillis date with vera, timbo and myself. Dang i ate the best desert of my life. it was so good i thot i was having an orgasm when i tasted it... who knows maybe i
uhmmmm, wat else/
I now sing in a band call imisi olu ( the inspiration of God). Its a Gospel Juju flavor band. I must admit that i was really scared at frist. really! How can i m anage to ruin ma reputation like dat. But in the long run, it was worth it. Did i mention that i got paid too........yes o! i was not even expecting it.
I lost ma glasses at the party too, i was so pissed 'cos they cost a lil too much. i have been seeing that 2 for 69.99 sale on TV from America's best. God knows i will be there first thing on tuesday morning. they might not open tomorrow due to the holiday. henceforth, i'll resolve to buying cheap stuff 'cos i end up losing/spoiling everything.
I drop my cell phones all the time. Infact i now use that prepaid 30.00 dollar phone from t-mobile 'cos the last one i got got smahed by a car i think. abbi ma lil sis droped it in a bucket of water. ahahahahahaha. funny enough, the 30.00 phone i have right now is not switchig on 'cos i dropped it in a bowl of pepper soup earlier. eheheheh, i did not tell vera this .,..yet.

Ma baby sis is turning 2 on wednesday! Happy bday sugar. i wish u many more years to come.

so, wat are u guys doing for this holidya weekened? for me? nada.

i'll be back soon. one luv!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Bday to me

Yesterday was my birthday! wush a Happy 21st birthday anyone who reads this.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

so, i made her a promise

My darling Vera is an author in the making.... she has this book titled Every woman in the making. I promised to take her to chillis restaurant if she finishes a certain chapter by my Birthday (may 15). she has only 5 days left....will she or will she not? i dont know.
P.s Vera dont let ur head swell 'cos i called u my darln.

So its uju a.k.a UU's graduation sometimes soon, Towson is having this party for their graduates and Uju basically has treatened me juss in case i was thinking of not showing face. The last party i went was for her bday and my pwetty face was all over facebook. It did not help matters since i decided to experiment with my make up dat night. Barely a month later....its another uju invoked partay...this girl sef, i can't wait till she gets her ass to med school( its a lie o, i will miss her).
My lil ireti is getting big everyday. dont worry y'll i'll post her picture up soon.
This blogging thing isn't as easy as it seems oo. There is a trillion and ten bloggers....dang i wonder how una dey do am.
In my quest of searching for my girls wedding website which is in the making....ahahahahaha i found My girls name is busola and her mans name is frank but his other name his toyin, so i was thinking they might be trying to be crazy/jobless. Did i tell u guyz that i am wedding website freak! I just love "love" in the air. I am not anti-love ooo, i am all for it. and yes i believe in the story book kinda is still happpening.
Funmi come back to reality....i'll be fine.
You know i really have a lot to say but i can't. I really feel like cursing the hell out, but then, AM A LADY!!!
ok seriously, i think pple have too many issues. one min they are kool and calculated and the best thing that has ever happened to me. The next minutes its BS all the way. ok...i feel a lil betta.
Peace out and lots of love. I am still getting myself acquainted (did i spell dat right) with the blogging world...u know tryna find where i belong n stuff.
did u (whoever reading this) know that stella damasus-Aboderin is now a blogger. check her out at Me loves blogville.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Lets talk Romance

so, its tuesday! i skipped school yesterday 'cos baby sista did not have a sitter. I mean! Vera was gonna help out but hey! i can always blame my laziness on the lil 2yr old girlie.
well, yes i have a baby sista, she's gonna be 2 on the 30th.
so on sunday! i skipped pops church, so seun( ma otha sis) and i decided to go to Redeem(house of praise). it was really fun! but i felt over dressed. sunday was their supposed "casual" day. as in pastor gave special announcement prior sunday that everybody must wear jeans. Lil miss Funmie had on a pair of black pants and one of my cutest dressy shirts (brown), I even had brown and black shoes to match. u should have seen me, i was lookinh hot!!!!!
but, yea like i was saying, church was fun. it was thanksgiving sunday, i dANCED MY YANSH OFF.
There was this pretty lady sitting next to me. I would not even recognize her even if i saw her tommorrow. But i know she is married. she had this big rock on her finger! i just kept starring at her ( the ring, i mean.)
God abeg grant me my own ROCK when the time comes. I dont know if its juss me or the phase that i am going thru right now. I think God is trying to tell something i really dont get yet. its been all this romantic things on TV lately. Last night it was girlfrnds. Joan the hopeless romantic of them all got proposed to in the most precious way ever!. y'll( anyone that gets to read this) need to watch that episode. it was juss to much! then i saw anoda Naija movie today titled SHOW ME HEAVEN or somn like dat sha, featuring Jim Ike, Kate Henshaw( my all time favourite naija actress)and Olu jacobs. Jeez, was that true love or wat. really nice sha. i enjoyed it. Thanx Madam Ve...a (like ireti would call u).
Chilled all day today! Tomorrow is anoda day. I have skool and gotta make up this Econ exam that i skipped since God knows when. Pray for me.
Have a great night dear blog. Hope somn exciting happens soon so that i can be back soon> Lots of love.

Friday, May 4, 2007

so, i finally have a blog

yay..... finally decided to start a blog.

I dont know y..... but i have been feeling so bored lately. so bored its sickning.
i hope i dont give up on this sha. i am not a particularly a serious/ disciplined chic. i can procastinate from today until tomorrow.
i hope u dont get too many obligations too....becos me go run like fowl when dem dey chase.
homegirl (vera) told me that its really hard keeping up with blogville....ehn, lets see naw. shebi dey said experience is the best teacher.
i refuse to join facebook! wetin hi 5 when i join d otha day sef, its too much work!
then my wonderfullest Talknaija ( Used to be the best online groupp...until a certain somebody a.k.a manager a.k.a naijaspice created a blog.

nothin much to talk about today. lemme go celebrate with a bottle of grape juice ....funmi has gat a excited sha. But plss pray for me that wateva i type here does not get me in trouble.

ahahaha...lemme go back to the old naija dayzzz....."plss ignore any grammatical errors" i am not too kin on editing stuff.
oya, king and Queens, welcome me to your world.