Thursday, May 31, 2007


this is ma baby sis Ireti doing her cheese thingie Ma mums cake, it sure was yummy. Her bday was 5/12 and mothers day was 5/13. she gat double gifts of course.
Me on a sunday experimenting with the whole ankara n a top thingie. dat was actually a wrapper. i liked it.
ahahahahaha, me at ma first imisiolu gig. It was fun actually. do u like ma outfit?
Lil sis doing dishes after hours of me yelling. Of course she was on d phone.

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Vera Ezimora said...

Fufu, I had completely forgotten that I opened your blog. Imagine my shock when I saw Rere's picture. I was like, "What tha hell...???"

Ok, but now I;ve figured it out.

Why did you put ur picture there? Someone musta told you you're cute. C'mon remove it asap make pesin see better thing to look jo.


by the way Funmi, this ur June 11th deadline...e get as e be oh!