Thursday, May 10, 2007

so, i made her a promise

My darling Vera is an author in the making.... she has this book titled Every woman in the making. I promised to take her to chillis restaurant if she finishes a certain chapter by my Birthday (may 15). she has only 5 days left....will she or will she not? i dont know.
P.s Vera dont let ur head swell 'cos i called u my darln.

So its uju a.k.a UU's graduation sometimes soon, Towson is having this party for their graduates and Uju basically has treatened me juss in case i was thinking of not showing face. The last party i went was for her bday and my pwetty face was all over facebook. It did not help matters since i decided to experiment with my make up dat night. Barely a month later....its another uju invoked partay...this girl sef, i can't wait till she gets her ass to med school( its a lie o, i will miss her).
My lil ireti is getting big everyday. dont worry y'll i'll post her picture up soon.
This blogging thing isn't as easy as it seems oo. There is a trillion and ten bloggers....dang i wonder how una dey do am.
In my quest of searching for my girls wedding website which is in the making....ahahahahaha i found My girls name is busola and her mans name is frank but his other name his toyin, so i was thinking they might be trying to be crazy/jobless. Did i tell u guyz that i am wedding website freak! I just love "love" in the air. I am not anti-love ooo, i am all for it. and yes i believe in the story book kinda is still happpening.
Funmi come back to reality....i'll be fine.
You know i really have a lot to say but i can't. I really feel like cursing the hell out, but then, AM A LADY!!!
ok seriously, i think pple have too many issues. one min they are kool and calculated and the best thing that has ever happened to me. The next minutes its BS all the way. ok...i feel a lil betta.
Peace out and lots of love. I am still getting myself acquainted (did i spell dat right) with the blogging world...u know tryna find where i belong n stuff.
did u (whoever reading this) know that stella damasus-Aboderin is now a blogger. check her out at Me loves blogville.


Vera Ezimora said...

Ehm, Funmie, na who come dey piss you off? Who is it?? Tell me now lemme go and beat the pesin finish your plan is for me to not finish chapter XX, so you won't take me 2 Chilis ehn? It will neva work 4 u! I MUST finish it by the 15th! You will see! for Busola's weddin site, I wanna tell you that you're jobless but you already said so yourself. Psycho!

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