Monday, May 7, 2007

Lets talk Romance

so, its tuesday! i skipped school yesterday 'cos baby sista did not have a sitter. I mean! Vera was gonna help out but hey! i can always blame my laziness on the lil 2yr old girlie.
well, yes i have a baby sista, she's gonna be 2 on the 30th.
so on sunday! i skipped pops church, so seun( ma otha sis) and i decided to go to Redeem(house of praise). it was really fun! but i felt over dressed. sunday was their supposed "casual" day. as in pastor gave special announcement prior sunday that everybody must wear jeans. Lil miss Funmie had on a pair of black pants and one of my cutest dressy shirts (brown), I even had brown and black shoes to match. u should have seen me, i was lookinh hot!!!!!
but, yea like i was saying, church was fun. it was thanksgiving sunday, i dANCED MY YANSH OFF.
There was this pretty lady sitting next to me. I would not even recognize her even if i saw her tommorrow. But i know she is married. she had this big rock on her finger! i just kept starring at her ( the ring, i mean.)
God abeg grant me my own ROCK when the time comes. I dont know if its juss me or the phase that i am going thru right now. I think God is trying to tell something i really dont get yet. its been all this romantic things on TV lately. Last night it was girlfrnds. Joan the hopeless romantic of them all got proposed to in the most precious way ever!. y'll( anyone that gets to read this) need to watch that episode. it was juss to much! then i saw anoda Naija movie today titled SHOW ME HEAVEN or somn like dat sha, featuring Jim Ike, Kate Henshaw( my all time favourite naija actress)and Olu jacobs. Jeez, was that true love or wat. really nice sha. i enjoyed it. Thanx Madam Ve...a (like ireti would call u).
Chilled all day today! Tomorrow is anoda day. I have skool and gotta make up this Econ exam that i skipped since God knows when. Pray for me.
Have a great night dear blog. Hope somn exciting happens soon so that i can be back soon> Lots of love.


omohemi Benson said...

what are you funmi?
Same Funmi Vera's friend?
Welcome to blogsville babe,
And yes,am in love o! lol
But no guy yet,I still they search for blog boo o!

Welcome! welcome!
I like your style, telling ti as it is, love to cute baby sis.

omohemi Benson said...

please correct errors blogger. lol!

Funmie said...

omohemi dearie....yes oo, same Funmi....vera's frnd. y do i have to be labelled with that "local"
Blogville is hot. Ma yansh has been glued to this compuetr since forever. Jeez! God help me o

Vera Ezimora said...

Funmi, I know you did not just call me a local champion. What did I tell you about calling me a local champion? Respect urself o!! And you should be happy that you're being labelled wit me sef; do u know how many will kill 2 be in ur shoes? *hisses*

Omohemi, don't mind this nonsense Funmie gal. Obviously, it's been a while since I beat her up.