Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Iretiayooluwa

i have not been here in so long.
my one and only blog, how naw?
so update about ma self.
ma birthday was may 15th i turned 21......... am grown.
Finals are finally over, am happy. I look forward to summere classes sha.
My friend uju graduated on friday and i feel so bad 'cos i was not able to attend. her man threw a surprise get togethere for her. Well, i owe her one sha, am planning to take her out... gotta call the intergalactic forre ( ma girls).
Yes, vera made her deadline to that certain chapter of every woman, it was a chillis date with vera, timbo and myself. Dang i ate the best desert of my life. it was so good i thot i was having an orgasm when i tasted it... who knows maybe i
uhmmmm, wat else/
I now sing in a band call imisi olu ( the inspiration of God). Its a Gospel Juju flavor band. I must admit that i was really scared at frist. really! How can i m anage to ruin ma reputation like dat. But in the long run, it was worth it. Did i mention that i got paid too........yes o! i was not even expecting it.
I lost ma glasses at the party too, i was so pissed 'cos they cost a lil too much. i have been seeing that 2 for 69.99 sale on TV from America's best. God knows i will be there first thing on tuesday morning. they might not open tomorrow due to the holiday. henceforth, i'll resolve to buying cheap stuff 'cos i end up losing/spoiling everything.
I drop my cell phones all the time. Infact i now use that prepaid 30.00 dollar phone from t-mobile 'cos the last one i got got smahed by a car i think. abbi ma lil sis droped it in a bucket of water. ahahahahahaha. funny enough, the 30.00 phone i have right now is not switchig on 'cos i dropped it in a bowl of pepper soup earlier. eheheheh, i did not tell vera this .,..yet.

Ma baby sis is turning 2 on wednesday! Happy bday sugar. i wish u many more years to come.

so, wat are u guys doing for this holidya weekened? for me? nada.

i'll be back soon. one luv!

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