Friday, May 4, 2007

so, i finally have a blog

yay..... finally decided to start a blog.

I dont know y..... but i have been feeling so bored lately. so bored its sickning.
i hope i dont give up on this sha. i am not a particularly a serious/ disciplined chic. i can procastinate from today until tomorrow.
i hope u dont get too many obligations too....becos me go run like fowl when dem dey chase.
homegirl (vera) told me that its really hard keeping up with blogville....ehn, lets see naw. shebi dey said experience is the best teacher.
i refuse to join facebook! wetin hi 5 when i join d otha day sef, its too much work!
then my wonderfullest Talknaija ( Used to be the best online groupp...until a certain somebody a.k.a manager a.k.a naijaspice created a blog.

nothin much to talk about today. lemme go celebrate with a bottle of grape juice ....funmi has gat a excited sha. But plss pray for me that wateva i type here does not get me in trouble.

ahahaha...lemme go back to the old naija dayzzz....."plss ignore any grammatical errors" i am not too kin on editing stuff.
oya, king and Queens, welcome me to your world.

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Vera Ezimora said...

Ehn, excuse me miss Funmie...but wetin you dey feel like sef? And who are you talking about in your post? Touch the person you're talking to if them born you well.