Thursday, June 7, 2007


Nuthin much recently, its 2'28am and i am up and on d weird.
anyways, juss got back from vigil. God knows i barely stayed awake. Got off work at 11pm and headed straight to church, u see am juss tryna be a betta xtain dats all.
School is out, but i intend to take a summer class in d latter session though. I need cash money............ any rich and juss wanna be nice ppple out there plss get intouch.
I stayed home all day on wednesday and that has been the best thing that happened to me in a while. I read a book i got from Vera titled some sunday. wat a nice read, i intend to go to the library soon to pick up some more books. it kept me busy and also my day going. And really i feel i need to improve on my vocabulary so hey!!! who says i cannot kill two birds with one stone.
This wekend is the church Harvest a.k.a Ikore. am looking forward to it. Infact we are importing choirs all d way from Jand to yankee. wE ARE TOTALLY D BOMB. lol.
its gonna be an outdoor revival on saturday and n all day service on sunday including an afta party sef. See am gonna be real busy1 gotta put on ma dancing/party shoes. Haven't got one of ma frnds dat will be able to make it. Pops is gonna be pissed o.
Ma Boo went to Naija in march and his mum got me all this native outfits. Akara and they are pretty, i dont even know which one to wear. ahahaha Vera are u jealous???? i can see ur face swelling...ehehehehe. dont worry sugar u can always come n borrow pose. your secrets are safe with me.
ok1 i'll be back as soon as i can. be safe.
a lot of people have not been reading my blog. i need to get out there somemore right? as in other bloggers blog. one of these days sha.
Peace out.

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