Thursday, June 14, 2007

RT (Random Talks)

I have not posted anything in a while'cos i have been lazy! but trust me, i have been on blogville everyday.
Hope u guyz are enjoying the blogville idols thing. am thinking it should av been called Blogville-naija idols.
u nko?

at first i thot it was all a joke until i checked it out. wow, how creative was all i thot.

The church harvest went juss fine. It was a whole buncha of pple too. Dang. u guyz should have seen me dropping it like its hot.

My own level of procastination don pass am, i swear. I was supposed to invite my frnds for harvest but i kept putting it away and i eventually invited only madam vera una see ma life soo?

The kokomaster ( D'bang) is coming to B'more this independence day weekend! And me as his mamalette and sisilette has to go represent. U knw D'bang thinks he's smart, I was reading one of his interviews online and how dare him say none of his songs implies sex! That boy is mad! but i still like him sha. Did u guyz kknow that D'banj is a pastors' kid too.....imagine that........{wateva happened to styl-plus}.

What do u fell about pple that go to parties/ club juss to lean against the wall and look abbi juss stand there like mumu starring. Jeez, if u dont wanna dance/ have fun stay the hell at home. U see i party on the average of 3 to 4 times in a year{how sad}! so when i get out, i really wanna get down. I no dey even look face sef. ahahahahahahaha.

lemme see, wat else?
i'll juss talk more about the blogville idols then... ma favorite judge is Bimbylads....homegirl sounds like a she has been doing the judging thing for a while.
favorite contestant....i dont av one yet buut maybe that chick dat sang :baby jowo"
check dem out!
My bday was May 15th, but i just had time to celebrate. I went bowling with couple of my friends yesterday. It was 12 of us and i had mad fun. I will post pictures soon.
Can u guyz imagine this Amf people o. this is how it happened! I looked up their website and they had an Adult bday party naw. i called for inquiries and the lady told me that it was gonna cost 15.64dollars or somn per person and that the price includes a 2hr bowling, shoes and a combo meal. I swear she told me that.

I come reach dere yesterday sha and the dude there was yarning opata that there is nuthin like an adult bowling birthday party at Amf. I was like wat! of course i was freaking out 'cos this dude's ignorance was so sincere. Jeez, this mad oyinbo ppple.

well sha, i decided to go for regular pricing 'cos it was cheaper (it was adollar nite, as in a dollar per game ). i had fun anyway, so it all worked out fine.

see u soon!


Vera Ezimora said...

You berra update before I vex

Vera Ezimora said...

dang're not a true blogger o! Update already biko

Vera Ezimora said...

You're a very fake blogger...did I tell u that already? Update Funmi!