Monday, January 5, 2009

Happi new year

Happi new year to anyone/ whoever gets to read this.

I believe that this year has a lot of goodies to offer me.... i just know.

life has been good, ma friend had a baby... he is the cutest thing ( i keep calling him ... ok being ever!

I drank my frnds breast milk, plss don't ask me how, ask Vera ( i will deal withthat girl soon.
hopefully i will do this more often....

happi new year all. any resolutions?


Vera Ezimora said...

Funmi, you blogged???? WOW. You need to add "blog more often" to your resume abeg. Last time you blogged was seven months ago. And you're welcome (for the breast milk...hehehe)

Funmie said...

vera, plss slap yourslf and then shut up.

Anonymous said...

YAY Funmie! I am so glad you finnally updated. dont mind that green eyed person o jare. How body na? Please so try to blog more often. PS Do you have any new wedding websites- I am so freaking addicted that I am conidering searching for random nigerian names to see if anyone is getting married. Happy new year and I hope this one brings you a billion reasons to dance.

Funmie said...

yes o temite, i updated, all for yu

wedding website.. iactually do, watch out for my next post.