Monday, January 12, 2009

In my head

Yet another wedding website

True love is ( well, more like should be)...
  • selfless
  • considerate
  • giving
  • listens
  • peaceful
  • doubtless
  • assuring
  • faithful

sometimes i think my idea of love is unreal... i think i am a hopeless romantic... i've got it all in my head... but i wonder, i wonder if all of this can be for real someday.

I guess this explains my love for love.... i like to hear about relationships, i smile when i see a happy couple(atleast when i think they are, i am passionate about wedding websites, my heart is joyous when there is a wedding talk..... uhmmmm

choosing the wrong life partner is like .... uhmmm eternal condemnation i think... its better for one to remain single than living with the wrong person.

*** silent prayer..... Oluwa, ma je kin gbe egun e'le gun oo ( sorry if u're not yoruba, i don't feel like interpreting, besides its my personal prayer to God so MYOB)****

Where did all of this come from today? I have just been thinking about all close and distant friends getting married and i know that my turn is sooner than later...... Ah! the thot of moi getting married is refreshing n scary at the same time.... me don't know what to except, but i guess until then shey?

Peace out! A-town!!! ( ahahah, am sure no one understands this)


Anonymous said...

no worries dear...your own too will come. I love those too by the way, i actually saw their website a while back and I had bookmarked it to use as a model for when I finnally find that husband of mine and my big day arrives.

Buttercup said...

awwww...u r right tho, i think its better staying single than ending up with the wrong person..there was a period in my life in which i was single for close to 4yrs..

but yea, ur 'him' is coming soon, can i get an amen??

is the Peace out! A-town thing from usher's song - yeah??

StR8 UP Desiree'D said...

Fumz! my personal individual! You started blogging again...dats wassup oo

meanwhile don't worry your and mine will come, oju lope si. since you oh so love wedding and sturves, check my friend's blog out dedicated to the likes of us that are just mushy about weddings lol (

...and stop by sometimes :) luv ya

Funmie said...

Temite, i really can't wait o.
Buttercup, i saw ur pics... u guyz are d cutest ever!!

Desiree... yes i started blogging ooo.. if u call this every 6 months thing blogging... i love the websites... thanx.

atunbi said...

Show us love as well oh.