Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am actually

Life has been good.

I have been so bored lately.. so i went to the library and picked up 4 books to read.. i am on the first one titled "the lady, her lover and her lord" by Bishop TD Jakes...
i have learnt a lot i must say... i recommend this to all girls, ladies and women.

Temite wants a list of my recent wedding website ( temite, i am only revealing this becos of you (Nike is a common friend, i wish her all the best) ( Taiwo was my senior back in secondary school, interesting to know that her husband studied medicine but works as a photographer- his passion. WOW) ( i so much love this website that i had it on my facebook ( now, this is what you call a proper ondo wedding) ( got this from ( (

ok temite/pples, i thik dats all i have for now.

Peace out! A-town!! Yea yea!!! ( Vera plss complete 'cos na only fit


Anonymous said...

BABE! Oh my gosh Thanks a trillion. I just went through all of these and Urgghhhhh I WANT TO BE MARRIED RIGHT NOW! Anyhoos Gosh I love that Remi and Yinka....Geez Please keep it coming dear. Thanks!

Funmie said...

abbi o... remi and yinka.. they are 3 much.

dats all i've got for now ooo. the nxt might just be my wedding website... Well, that will be after i get a

i sure do like to crack myself up.

seamstress said...

wow..they all look so happy!!! beautiful sites. nice blog too

StR8 UP Desiree'D said...

okay remi and yinca are jest too cute!
but could u guys tell the diff b/w the triplets, lol @ first I thought "wow, they look alike... geez which one is the groom sef" didn't realize they were triplets until i read yinca's note. hehe too cute!

Anonymous said...

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